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Re: Abs
Jan 3, 2007
you probably don't want to hear it but nutrition is 90% of it. The answer to your question is that lower and upper abs contract together-so you cant isolate them from one can target the hard to get lower region by an excercise that is initiated by bringing your hips towards your rib cage. By doing so the obliques (love handles) in conjunction with your abdominal wall (starting with your lower abs traveling into your upper) help lift the weight of your legs and contract. The excercise i just described->The Hanging Leg Raise -is the single most effective excercise there is in developing a tight lower midsection and tight obliques (on a muscular level) In order to burn fat over the muscles you need to burn calories....that comes from cardio and lifts that involve big muscle groups -> not ab excercises. Hope i helped......remember EAT Better!

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