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Hi, I am a mother of three and a wife. I work out 5 days a week. I weight train very hard and do cardio also any where from25 to 45 minutes a day. After my third child I was a size 10 and within 8 months I got back down to 4-5 give a take 4lbs or so. I am still not happy. I have to suck in my stomach an I don't want to. Is it possible to just eat normal 3 deasant meals a day anymore? I am takin Xenadryn an I love it but the second I get off of it my will power goes out the window and those 4 to 6 lbs come back. I have no willpower without them and I am scared of the long term effects the supplement may have on my body in the future. Does anyone know of any studies or have any advice? Or should I just break all the flippen mirrors and scales in my home?
Thanks Melissa

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