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Mar 8, 2001
Hi everyone! I just started working out at the gym 2 and a half weeks ago doing cardio for 45 minutes (at 80% heart rate) and alternatively weightlifting my upper body and doing abs. I'm also eating very healthy. I'm already seeing results in my stomach which is the first place I lose fat in, my thighs and my butt (which got bigger -> good, lol ) but i'm very reluctant to do any lower body lifting because I'm scared of making my legs too bulky. They are already very strong and though there's still plenty of fat to go, I'm afraid that when I do lose the fat, my calfs and hamstrings will have too much muscle. Also, since my choice of cardio is running on a treadmill I get a leg workout there and I was wondering if that alone could build more muscle than I would like? I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me whether lower body lifting is really as damaging as I imagine and if I should alternate with a different type of cardio to avoid too much muscle build. Thanks a lot!

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