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I hope someone can help me. I need a good workout routine to help tone up the mentioned areas. Im 5'3" and weight 115 pounds. I have 3 kids. Im not overweight but need to tone majorly. Heres my problem areas...
My bum is trying to touch the floor, I need to lift and firm it.
My legs shake more then jello, need to firm those.
My hips,(I think) stick way out. Need to slim those down. When I put on a bathing suit I have 2 big blobs above and below the side straps. YUCK!!!
My belly is flabby, of course I have 3 kids and 2 were by c-section, so now I have this extra flab that wants to hang over the scar.

Can someone please give me some advise? Im in desperate need of help. I dont belong to a gym and really dont have the time for that because of the kids but will have time to do some exercise at home. I currently bike ride, and its doing nothing for me as of yet.
Please help!!!!!

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