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You have an ectomorphic body type, so you have to keep calories high and cardio minimal if you want to gain muscle (or prevent muscle loss, even). If you have the option, do your cardio on your "off" days. Keeping it to 15-20 minutes at a low to moderate pace will keep you from losing excessive weight. Slow it down a bit and it will help.

[QUOTE]Should I try to increase my weight? I've heard reports that if I have no body fat, I'll burn muscle instead of fat when I run. If so, how?[/QUOTE]

Trying to add weight/muscle is tough for an ectomorph. You have to be very in-tune with your body and how it responds to different things, and be able and willing to put in the work (and the cash for the huge grocery list). It is true that if you have very low body fat, *in the absence of carbohydrates* your body will burn muscle instead. You can prevet the problem very easily by drinking juice or something light, but mostly carbohydrates before you do your cardio. As long as you don't get your heart rate too high, you won't have to worry about burning into muscle. In general, don't sweat the scale. You are pretty light for your height, but not unhealthfully so. And in a few years your metabolism will slow down, so enjoy it while you have it. ;)

I find that working forearms on their own is kind of unnecessary. If you're doing heavy upper body work, they will develop proportionally with the rest of the muscles as they grow and get stronger. If you're set on doing some isolation work, 3-4 sets a week is probably plenty. Shoulders need to be hammered with variety. Use Overhead presses, military presses, Arnold presses, lateral raises, upright rows - not all on the same day, of course. Just 2 or 3 of them per shoulder-day and change it up every so often. Going to failure (with *good form*) will really get them growing.

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