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First, I'd like to thank the people(just-2-built and the rest) here in this board for giving me tips on exercising. I've learned a lot and am very excitited in utilizing your tips on my workout program. Now, if you will, I have a little bit more question....

This is kind of a follow-up to my quesiton on when to do arm work. One of my replies was to "exercise to failure," by Just-2-built. I'm sure that many of you here will agree with him. It makes sense. right?

Well, I tried this exercise to failure last night. I attempted a gazillion of push-ups until I could do no more. My arms were pretty tired. I could barely do any more. Then I rested for 2 minutes and started doing curls with the weights. Again, I did what seemed like a gazillion of them. I did them until I could do no more. My arms were pretty much tired. Also, this was at 2 in the morning, so I figured I should just go to bed.

I went to bed excited and looking forward to me waking up with sore arms!! Well, I woke up, but I did not feel sore arms. They didn't feel tired at all! They just felt as if I didn't work out the night before. So my only guess for this was that I DID NOT work to failure teh night before.

But I thought I did! My arms were really tired from doing them. Do they just heal really fast or something?

Now, the question is: Can I do arm work tonight??? Someone said you should do them 2x a week, but Since I didn't feel the pain/sore when I woke up, can I attempt to work to failure again??? I just don't feel right about letting my arms get so much [email protected]!

If I don't feel pain, can I just do more the next night??

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