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Okay, first things first. I was the one who posted about transference of proteins so I'll elaborate.

You're still working out at night right? And if I remember correctly you said that you were going to bed without eating a meal also?
Okay, now I'm up to speed on everything again.

Here's the reality: not eating before you go to sleep after a workout is somewhat of a problem. However, if done correctly, it can be a boost to growth hormone levels...but only if done periodically. The reason milk is a good choice for a before bedtime meal is that milk proteins typically take longer to digest, break down, and assimilate than other you are getting a slow release of protein as opposed to a short elevation of blood proteins. However, occasionally you can "trick" your body by going to bed on an empty stomach...I mentioned this because I was under the impression that you do not like to eat before going to this way you can still go to bed hungry maybe once or twice a week. Growth hormone levels raise in a variety of conditions, one of them being when you are calorie deficient in times of stress (low blood sugar, little food in your stomach, high tissue demands). So if you are wanting to build bigger arms you need to either eat well after a workout, or you need to try and trick your body into growth hormone surges. If you go to bed without eating after a hard workout, then your growth hormone levels will elevate...but you absolutely have to eat well the next few days since muscle repair is not completed in one night. Essentially, I believe that it's better to eat after every workout than to go without food. Undereating is probably the biggest problem in not gaining muscle size, so the growth hormone trick is limited only by the fact that you have to take in plenty of calories the next day. So if there is ANY question about the procedure that is unclear, then just be on the safe side and drink the milk every night.

About your abs...the muscles will get bigger if you exercise them. You might consider only working them one night a week if you have to work them out. I don't happen to do much in the way of ab workouts because I do a ton of exercises that work them indirectly such as standing lat pulldowns, squats, power cleans, etc. So for me, I don't have to work abs specifically. However, if you stick to endurance type ab workouts (high reps) then it's unlikely they will get much bigger. If you are concerned about ab size but still want to work them out, then you might think about buying a book that outlines home exercises. In the gym, the way this is done is to concentrate on building up the lats and chest muscles...which takes emphasis off of the abs. In your situation, a way to widen the latissimus muscles is to do a couple of sets of your pushups with your hands placed farther apart than shoulder width. This will involve the lats and help with the V taper look in the long run.

Anyway, if you are concerned about a slim waistline, you can always stop doing the ab workouts. And since there is such a fine line between undereating and periodic fasting to elevate growth hormone levels you might just consider the milk after every workout. Remember that good abs are mostly, if not all diet related. However, the less you eat means the less your arms are going to grow. If you want a slender waist for now you might think about not doing ab work.

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