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well i usually eat 2 meals a day because i never have time for breakfast during the school year and i never am awake for it during the summer. during the school year i buy the food they sell which is greasy cheese fries, pizza, cheeseburgers(one or the other not all three) and so on, but i know kids who eat 2 cheeseburgers and fries and cookies and they dont gain a thing.for dinner i usually have an old fashioned irish dinner which consists of meat,potatoes,and another vegetable. at night i play basketball for 2-3 hours and maybe when i get home i might eat ice cream but hey im only 17.i dunno what i should try.maybe running for an hour a day and lifting more because i do have a fair amount of equipment.the only problem is i lack motivation to continue running and liftin because it doesn't show immediate results.i play basketball because i enjoy it not really for the exercise part,running and lifting are a chore to me and running usually makes me sore.well there u have it paper clip,think you can help?

ps:i used to be one of the smallest kids all around when i was part of a swim team but i quit when i was 12 and that summer i drank a milkshake everyday from the ice cream man lol. i thought i just had some baby fat and when i hit a growth spurt it would straighten out but i am now 6'1 200 pounds wit a flabby gut.other than my stomach i am pretty solid everywhere except for the back of my arms.i really dont hate my appearance but i am not proud of it.during the last few years of my life i have been depressed at different times of the day and i realize that teenagers go through this but as i reach adulthood i wanna make a big change and i want this change to be in my health and physical appearance.

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