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Dan Duchaine really knew his stuff. I have a copy of bodyopus somewhere and he reiterates the same sentiment if I recall correctly. It merits my getting it out and reading it again for old times sake. :)

If a high nitrogen retention was the only thing that determined muscle mass maintenence, then triathletes would be larger. You can have a high nitrogen retention but yet have depleted glycogen and ATP stores and this is a catabolic process. Plus you have to calculate cortisol ratio into the mix. The less recovery that takes place the greater the cortisol levels will go, the more easily depleted the glycogen and ATP levels go, the more the body adapts by reducing strutural proteins...all the while this can happen with normal nitrogen retention.

The problem with lung capacity is that I am convinced that this is not the way to attack fat loss. Yes, a greater lung capacity and higher efficiency ratio of oxygenation is definitely beneficial especially to the heart. After all, it is the body's response to stress that determines if a person is in shape. The definition of being "in shape" is not how they look or how much they weigh, it is defined as how quickly that person's body returns to normal rate and rhythm of cardiovascular function following exertion. VO2 max may increase, but if there is decreased oxygen tissue perfusion then there will be very little, if any, fat burning or muscle building.

You can do all the cardio and weightlifting in the world, but if the diet is not the primary focus then it will always be doing it the hard way. Take a look in the gyms and you'll likely see guys with extra fat with a lots of muscle. Oftentimes this is a result of dietary factors. Pro bodybuilders know this and practice it regularly...and of course they use drugs to attain this. But all the drugs in the world (relatively speaking) will not stop protein loss from either overtraining or excessive cardio. Nor will they always work to the benefit of always allowing a person to eat whatever they want and not add to fat stores. I was pointing this out to him so that he wouldn't work away his time on a treadmill or exercise bike or jogging when he could be saving time by attacking the problem from the source. Of course cardio can help, but it is only one piece of the must be done properly as diet should be as well.
Paper Clip;

I agree with you totally. I personally beleive that there is 3 parts to the puzzle-diet,cardio and weightlifting. I just noticed that i didnt loose bodyfat without doing cardio. I am also not talking about huge amounts of cardio! I do mine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 3-5 times a week depending on what I'm trying to do! I also agree that all the cardio in the world wont help you loose bodyfat if your diet is screwed!! I see the same people in the morning at my gym on the treadmill and they look the same year after year!!

Dan Duchaines book is a great read!! I tried Body Opus and it worked bigtime but It is very demanding!! I stopped doing it because I am never going to compete- so why be on that millitant of a diet!!!

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