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[quote]Originally posted by JwhyS:
[b]Just wondering. I have a small frame and have been lifting for a year now with the intent of gaining weight. At the gym, I notice that I can rep about as much as guys much bigger than I, yet I am much smaller than they are. However, I have gained 20lbs in my first year of weight lifting, but I was just wondering if it is feasable for me to ever be anything more than 'average sized' or 'slightly built' because I know its cake to gain significant weight in the first year or two of training.

Also, after AML helped me with my diet, I changed it to the following:

Breakfast: 2 packets of oatmeal, cup of orange juice
Lunch: Tuna, bagel, protein/carb shake
After-school snack: Tuna, bagel, orange juice
After-workout protein/carb shake
1/4 lb texas double cheesburger from wendys about 2 hrs later (personal fav - 99 cents, 2 meat patties and 2 slices of cheese)
Dinner: varies, usually rice, veggies, and meat
Before Bed Meal: Tuna, Bagel, Juice

And I usually have at least 1 fat free plain yogurt sometime during the day (12g protein)

Am I eating enough, or do I need to up my calorie intake?

Also, I had a totally unrelated question about my back workout, but I didn't want to clutter the board with my posts. I'm not sure if my back workout is effective as it should be. Currently, its the following:

Lateral Front Pulldown - Sets of 9, 7, 6, and 4 with increasing weight.
Behind Neck Pulldown - Ditto
Lateral Hi Row - Ditto
Lateral Lo Row - Ditto

Thanks for the help in advance.


It is Very possible to add quality muscle to a small frame but you will have to be realistic as to how much mass you can really add!!

Obviously, A genetically average person with a small bone structure can't add as much mass as someone who has above average genetics/big bone structure.

If your aiming for a 20inch biceps, it aint going to happen!! But believe it or not, a 14-16 inch bicep will look very impressive if you carry low bodyfat and it is VERY respectable for a bodybuilder who doesn't use steroids!!

As far as your diet is concerned, I would include a protein source with your first meal. Also, if your goal is to gain weight/muscle, try eating 15 times your bodyweight! You should aim to gain 1 to 1.5 lbs per week(any more and you might gain to much fat!)Weigh yourself once a week. If you are not gaining weight/muscle, up your calories 200-300. If you are gaining too much, cut back the calories a bit.

Your back workout looks good except for the behind the neck pulldowns. I know a lot of guys who have screwed up there rotator cuff using these so I dont recommend them!! Beleive it or not the best back exercise that I have found is chins! I couldnt do 1 when I first started LOL but now I can do them in the double digits.
Also, dumbell rows work great!

I hope this helps!!


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