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Hi everyone!
I don't believe in losing fat in spots, so my subject is somewhat misleading. However, I do want to get rid of a little fat in those areas (because I don't have much fat anywhere else). My wedding is coming up in 5 months, and my gown is sort of tight through the hips and fills out at the bottom, and when I tried it on, it just seemed a little too tight in my stomach and thighs. Plus I need to get into better shape for health reasons.
A little about myself:
125 lbs
about 18% body fat, which is normal, I think
I ran collegiate track (sprinting and long jump) about two years ago and had very developed muscles in my gleuts, quads, hamstrings and lower legs, abdominals, and I still do. But now I've start getting soft in these areas because I don't sprint anymore, and I haven't worked out in several months, unfortunately. I know how important physical fitness and diet are to health, but darn it, I have so much trouble getting motivated. And for some reason my skin breaks out when I exercise (the next few days after I start working out). I'm a health education major and athletic training student. I should know these things, but I am looking for outside advice. One kool thing about my school is its among hills, and I always try to walk to class for at least some exercise. So my hamstrings and butt are very strong.
You might want to know what I eat- Whatever is in the dining halls. Unfortunately, too much pasta, I skip breakfast, but I try to eat lots of vegetables. I need more protein, but the meat served here at school is somewhat "scary" looking and I never eat it. I drink a lot of water, too. With my schedule of classes, work, and athletic training responsibilities, I often miss meals and subsitute things like macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles (ick!), and the like. My roommate and I keep carrots and fruit to snack on, so I eat a lot of that as well. I have no idea how many calories I get in a day, and no schedule for eating as my life doesn't allow it. How can I fix this?
Thanks so much for reading this big long complaint about my lifestyle! ha!

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