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I'm trying to reconcile all the conflicting information I hear about weight training. A lot of people say to do 20 minutes of light cardio before weight training to warm the body up and get the muscles ready to be worked. If that's true, then doing cardio after a weight training session would seem like overkill.

Second, we're always told that in order to build muscle, you need to give the muscles worked one day to rebuild. But you're suggesting that one jump on a treadmill or stairmaster right after weight training. Like most people, I do leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses, etc. during a weight training session. The idea of them pumping my legs on a treadmill afterwards seems excessive. Doesn't this qualify as additional stress on the muscles of the legs, the very muscles you're trying to rebuild?

Most people would say you can either burn fat or build muscle, but can't effectively do both. So you have to choose which you want to do for the time being. Right now, my priority is to burn fat. Are you saying to do weight training just as a means of depleting your muscles of their stored sugars so that when you do cardio, your body is forced into burning fat? If that's the case, then why not do this routine more than tree times a week since the goal is no longer to build muscle but burn fat?

I just want to be sure that everything I'm doing is directed towards the same goal before I commit to any plan. For someone who wants to burn excess fat and hopefully but not necessarily gain muscle, is the plan you laid out the right course of action? And if so, how often should this routine be performed in a given week? And what about performing cardio on the days you don't do weight training? Do those days require a longer cardio workout in order to break the 20 minute mark and force the use of stored fat?

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