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I have a light breakfast - usually toast before exercising as I get up at 6 and am out the door by 6.30 for the gym at 7 - but I too had wondered if it was something non-physical so to speak. I have had a cold recently and mild ear infection which obviously would affect my balance....

The reason I thought it strange was that I did 5 weeks no problem then out of the blue I cant use the treadmill at all - I can walk on it but even the very slow run setting has me floundering.

Anyway I went yesterday and went straight on the rower then to the treadmill. I still couldn't use it but I definitely felt better in my legs. I was trying to be very aware of my body while running and I think if anything it is my calves that feel tight. Yet when I walk around normally my legs are fine - so strong its like Im walking on air sometimes even... So I've decided to have a few days of for the rest of this week and try again next week and see how it goes, rest my calves and fully shake my cold.

Thanks for the advice, will post updates etc.


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