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[quote]Originally posted by someguyinhis20s:
[b]OK, here's the more detailed workout I've come up with so far. The exercises are listed in the order I plan to do them.

Day 1: Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Tricep Pushdowns

Day 2: Lat Pulldowns
Lat Rows
Bicep Curls

Day 3: Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Leg Press

Ab exercises done daily. I haven't yet figured out where to squeeze in forearm and calf exercises. But the above plan lets me work related muscles each day and calls for three exercises per day.

Someone above said to allow 3-4 days rest which seems like a lot. I was always told to give one day rest. Also, I was wondering why I even need a day of rest. Since I'm not exercising the same muscle group each day, then why not lift weights each day? Since I'm switching the muscle group, that gives each group 2 days rest.

I plan 3 sets of 10 for each exercise. Say a minute per set, a minute rest in between, that adds up to 18 minutes. A 5 minute warmup plus stretching before lifting and a 30 minute cardio session brings the total to 53 minutes. Add in abs somewhere and that's one hour, which is about all I have time for each day.[/b][/quote]

I brought up the 3-4 day rest thing. This will vary depending on your reps/sets and the number of exercises involved, as well as your recouperative powers.
In your case, 3 sets of 10 reps, I would go no more than 3 days rest, maybe 4 and no less than 3.
Calf exercises should probably go on the legs days and the forarms should probably go on the day you do back and biceps.
Here's a sample:
Monday-Bench press, shoulder press, tricep pushdowns.
Wed-Back and biceps
Thur- Legs
Fri-Bench press, should press, tricep pushdown
Sun-Back and Biceps

and so on......

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