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Re: Paranoid
Jul 29, 2002

Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I'm also a thin guy who just has excess fat on his legs, stomach, and butt. For the last month, I was running 30 minutes every morning and eating less. I lost weight but now I realize I was losing muscle along with fat. I've just recently begun weight training and like you, I'm also a weak guy and found it tough to do weights. But what I realized is that you just have to start out small and work your way up. I've only been at this a week and already I can lift more weight than when I started. Running is good but it just isn't enough cause your body eventually gets used to it and burns less calories than when you started. Plus, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day. If your goal is toning, then more reps at a lower weight is the way to go. But I think you should consider adding muscle, not just toning since more muscle means a higher metabolism. Right now I do both. I run in the morning and lift in the evening. It's only been a week so I can't see any changes in my shape, but I feel stronger than I did a week ago and I expect in a month to see a noticeable change in my shape.

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