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i joined a GYM yesterday, i did a TON of ab stuff and HOLLLLY POOP! my abs hurt so bad, SOOO bad, i'm talking BEYOND the normal ab burn... eVERY MOVE I MAKE, even if i'm just using my legs, my abs hurt, they hurt while i'm walking! I did LOTS of ab stuff yesterday, i was so suprised/happy that i could do the thingey to 40-50 lbs because on everyting else i kept it at 10 lbs-20. Anyways, i'm weak... yea, and i am fat (5'5" 1/2 120 lbs) so, i try to do cardio but it's SOOOOO boring!!! No matter what i do, listen to music, watch TV, ugh, reading magazines kill me because when i get off, i get dizzy and my eyes hurt (from going up and down trying to read a straight line). Also, i do the bike but i do 0 resistance because i dont wanna build up my thigs/bulky muscles, i just wanna get a cardio workout. THe main problem is that i love bouncing from one machiene to another because they are fun but i DONT want the result (bulky muscles) anyways, do you think that it's possible to over-work your abs? Anyways, i'm not eating healthy either--- i try to eat healthy, i plan healthy meals but then i go off my plan. In the middle of the night, i couldnt sleep partly because no matter what position i was in, it KILLED my abs and so i was bored and i went into the kitchen, ate all of my veggie sushi (was supposed to be for lunch today) and then ate HALF OF MY GRANDMAS BIRTHDAY CARVEL ICECREAM CAKE!!! half chocolate/half coffee icecream with cookie crumbs in the center. I jsut kept eating and eating and eating. It was OSOOOOOO good. And i just cant seem to get rid of the cravings for all of this fattening food! No wonder i'm so fat... i have a small frame too so, trust me, when i sit down i have rolls and none of my pants fit, my stomach kinda hangs over. My friends arent encouragment because they always go "no, you're skinney, bla bla bla" and my other friend always screams "YOUR A SIZE 1" which i'm NOT! i'm a size 1/2 and i go over them a little! askhgakbj it's gross. I suck so bad, and my stomach feels like it's getting bigger and bigger. AND i'm 15 years old.



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