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first off, nice stats ;)

And your weight lifting to cardio time frames are good.

Now, we have to look at what yo're actually doing, and since you don't say much, i'll give you a workout or two that might help.

For legs, you want to slim them down, well i'll assume you'd like to get them slim, trim, and cut. High reps in the legs are important, You wont need much weight, just something that will kill your legs at around 20! Workouts that are good for legs:

Leg extension (toes curled up, pointed: in, out, straight)
Leg curl (toes curled up! quick pulls, work those hams)
Leg ad/abductors (burn outs are the best for working those hips and inner thighs and making them tight)
calve raises or walking lunges (with a calf extention at the end of each step). I'd suggest doing the lunges, one, i saw a chick doing these in the gym once and it just looked amazing, that, and it works great all around for the legs.

Tricep push down, bar dips, inverted grip bar dips. These will really tighten the arms, and i especially like good triceps, they give the arms the good size and strength, and getting them worked all the way around the arm really brings out the arms in ways most people don't see. Then bicep curls and forarm workouts (there's a lot!) is good addition to keeping the arms well cut.


*sighs* well, i could go on for a long time on shoulders! lol So i'll be general! If you really want to get the broad strong shoulders, i'll assume you want the Traps in there as well.

Rear Delt Fly
Standing row close grip
Military press
Inclide press

These are all good for hitting all the way around the shoulders. Lifting with a good high weight, but not a power lifting weight and doing a moderate amount of reps is good. You should really hit the shoulders and make them sore and get a response!

But N2Deep's gerneral rule does apply. Low weight high rep: Tone; Hight weight low rep: Mass.

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