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have you worked out your chest before? If it's already been conditioned well enough, a change in routine isn't going to kill it. Let alone after 48 hours i'd hope you're still not sore! Unless you JUST started working out. I only feel pain in my muscles now right up until i finish the workout. Of course even after they're not sore i can't use them 100% but they're not sore.

I don't think it would mean the workout is ineffective though. You should be able to tell from the workout itself if it's working and you're usually tight right afterwards, or feeling a good burn. That's when you can say "yeah, good workout" If you sleep on it and wake up and the muscles are sore, you know you killed the muscles and it was a really good workout! lol 48 hours though, just seems too long.

So how were you feeling right after this new routine?
i have to disagree a bit. im in no way a veteran, but i have been at it for about 3 years. If i have a good good intense workout, and im changing up the routine properly, then i usually am sore. Now soreness isnt the best way to measure the worth of the workout, but in my experiance (and that of all others who i have talked to), it doesnt just 'go away' after you have been lifting for a while.

I also said if the routine is constant. If you change your routine and do a new intense workout, you're targeting the muscles differently and of course you'll be sore.

To gym girl, yeah if you're conservative when you change your routine, you'll probably not be sore. When i try something new, i try to make sure first off and always, proper form! Second, i make sure i pound the hell out of the muscles lol That way i can really tell where it targetted my muscles differently and say "that's good!"

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