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Don't eat before you go to the gym. You are buring the food that you ate but the fat thatis already in your body not going anywhere.

Your body likes change. Doing the same weights and same thing on the treadmill will put you at a stand still. You need to change your routine at least every 4 weeks.I do every 6 weeks cause that's what works for me.

Walking is good but if your body is use to the same thing it's not really doing any good. I do the ecliptical machine for an hour. Start off slow then increase the resistance and level then tapper down. I do weights after that and for a finish I walk at 3.8 speed on the tread mill for 10min then run for 2 min at 4.5 speed then walk for another 10 at 3.8 I repeat this for 40 min. That's how long it takes me to do 2.5 miles. Sooner or later I can cut my time time down as I get stonger and can do more resistance at a faster pace.

Protein does help you burn fat.

That food your eating at the end of the day is just being stored as fat while you are resting. You eat alot of cabs through out the day with the breads and chips. IMO think you are craving sugar.

Juices such and Oj is high in sugar and calories. If you drink it at night it's being stored. Oprah's rule is not to eat past 7:30 pm. That's the one I go by.

I eat well during the week and allow myself to eat what I want on the weekend for 18 hours during the weekend.
A trainer at my gym told me that your body goes into shock after going off a diet and actually burns more calories the first 16-18 hours after not eating properly. After that the food is stored as fat. He suggested that I do that every 4 days but I wait and do every 5 days. By Saturday night I am so ill not cause I ate alot but cause my body is not use to the food and it got what it had been craving all week. I usually want 2 bean buritos with cheese and sour cream from taco bell or a chicken mexican pizza and a slice or 2 of almond cream cake from the Whole Food Market. That does me for the day.

Keep a record of your carbs, fats, cal and prot per day. I use a school composition book.


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