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Hi I'm new to the health board. I've been going to my local gym for over six months now. The rep at the gym said they couldn't give me suggestions on dieting because they didn't have a dietition on staff. I'm 5'3" and weight over 250 lbs. No matter what diet I'm on I can only loose 20 lbs or loose nothing at all. My doctor doesn't know why I don't loose weight. He's taken blood tests and my thyroid is normal.

I only walk about a mile each time I work out at the gym but I'm usually at a 4% or more incline. I use the hand weights and use the free weight machines. I have quite a bit of muscle in my legs and after starting the exercise ball my abs have been toning. I do about 90 crunches on the exercise ball.

I've been reading this message board and it says that after you exercise you need to have protein. Could that be why I'm not loosing weight? My clothes don't fit any different either.

I was dieting at the same time but after not loosing weight, and very few inches I'm very discouraged. I know muscle weighs more than fat but I would think I would be loosing inches.

I've been having muscle pains. I've been wondering if I don't get enough protein in my diet. I'm not that much of a meat eater. And I haven't been eating protein bars or drinking protein drinks. I've increased my water to make sure I'm getting enough water, but I must admit I wasn't until about two weeks ago when I inceased my water. I was previously getting about 4 1/2 cups a day

Any help would be appreciated.


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