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[quote]Originally posted by Debra Noel2:
[b]Hey everybody, I have been working out pretty hard since Jan and have seen little results. I quit smoking and when I quit I started running and weight training. I have since ran 2 half marathons, am doing a 3rd in 2 weeks and have also been working on some fairly decent weights. My routine consists of about 4 times per week of day 1: tris, shoulders, chest and abs; day 2: legs and abs; and day 3 bis and back. I then go back to day 1 to finish off the week. My running training is very intense also. Since this time I have gone up to about 135 lbs. I am female, 27 and 5'5". I have really tried to clean up my diet lately, but still sometimes cheat. I eat a lot of rice, vegetables, fruit and protein. Because I am a runner, I do need to have quite a bit of carbs (or so I think) in order to have the energy. I do have cellulite, a chunky but and sort of love handles. I know I can't spot reduce, but other than eliminating anything and everything that tastes good, I don't know what else to do. I have hired a personal trainer, and am considering doing it again because I keep thinking I am doing something wrong with my exercising. What do you guys think? Would I be better to hire a nutritionist? Please give me advice....[/b][/quote]

Well, first off, if you are using the scale as your meter of progress, don't. You're most likely putting on muscle mass with your weight training and losing bf with your cardio so it may seem that you never lose any weight and you may even be gaining some weight depending on the rigor of your weight training. As far as your workout goes, you may be overtraining on your first and 4th day. I personally like to only work each muscle ONCE a week. Also doing abs on two consecutive days isn't necessarily bad, but I'd reccommend making your ab workouts further apart. Try something like this:

Monday: Chest/Tri
Tues: Legs/Abs
Wed: Rest
Thursday: Back/Bi
Friday: Shoulders/Abs

Also, what is your cardio work like? You said it was pretty intense but running a marathon once every few weeks won't help you lose as much fat as following a regimen in which you engage in cardio activity (20-40 minutes) 3-4 times a week. Also, as far as your diet goes, eat right. Try not to cheat. I know it's hard, but just think what simple sugars, sodium, etc does to your body. If your truly serious about getting in shape, that should be motivation enough to stop eating bad foods. Eat at least 5 times a day and make sure you're eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of rest.


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