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I am 22 years old.. about 5'7-5'8 and 175lbs (i think) with a 33inch waist. I've been lifting weights ever since 9th grade, but not bench pressing at the gym. I mostly lift weights around the house like dumb bells (30lbs), curling bars (901bs), etc. But my body appears more bulky than anything else. I want to get a sexy physique in that i will be able to obviously notice the rips (tone) in my arms/chests/abs, etc. I want to lose as much fat especially around my midsection/stomach.. it looks really bulky now. I have this one friend who has been brench pressing for years. He can do around 395lbs, but his body doesn't look it. His arms look more like huge masses or flabs of fat than ripped with nice curves. So when i see that i lose motivation in serious bench pressing/weight lifting. So my question is.. how do i go about gaining a ripped/toned body? In addition, the right side of my body is noticably bigger and stronger than my left side which also has prevented me from serious bench pressing because i don't want to look like a fool when lifting the weight. lol. My right arm is literally bigger than my left arm, i'm trying to correct that but it's been a struggle. The same goes for my chest
:-( someone help me.

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