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Hello everybody!!! : )))))))

Does anyone know of any exercises that may help me with shaping my lower legs?

Iím skinny, small, A-shaped, thin, firm and toned everywhere apart from my lower legs, which are the opposite: big muscle, thick skin, water holding, some fat stored and no muscle toning. Help!!!
All I want is for my lower legs and ankles to be skinny, firm and toned like the rest of my body, and for my skin to be thinner and tight there. I have strong leg muscles so I definitely donít want to build any muscle there. I work out very regularly on a bike machine and a ski machine, I walk and dance, etc. and I have been on a raw and vegetarian diet for a long time. All of my good diet and cardiovascular exercise habits still leave my lower legs unproportionate and not shaped, while the rest of my body is toned, thin and tight, even my hips and tighs are small. Kinda silly looking like this and Iím fed up with it, nothing helps!!!! I refuse to believe my legs are supposed to look like this and I can not do anything about this... : ((( I need some very specific exercises that tone and shape my lower legs, make them thinner and tone them without building the muscles.
Is there any hope for me? Help!!!

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no, I don't want to thicken the skin, I want thinner skin!!! I know it's about genetics too but it just seems to me that I have some fat there that is tough to get rid of. Sortof a place in my body to store fat, and since I have smoked for a long time (quit now), it's probably so that the circulation in my lower legs is not too good. I don't even care as much about the strong muscles, the thing I guess that bugs me the most is the thickness of my skin there, the fat that is stored there. it sounds more extreme than it really is, but still I wish I could improve this area.
Anyway thx for your advice!
Honestly, it sounds a little odd to me that your body would decided to store fat in your lower legs and ankles [img][/img] as opposed to your hips and thighs (as is the case with most women). From your description it sounds like you're a little unsure whether its fat, muscle, water, giving your lower legs that larger look...I could be wrong but it sounds more probable that this is muscle and not fat. If it was fat and you were doing all the exercises/dieting that you described above than that fat simply wouldn't be there...just a thought
Hey, I have finally found my people! I too, am a slender, fit person with disproportionately fat thighs, calves and ankles. In doing an internet search, I've just found that there's a medical syndrome called "lipedema" that seems to describe me to a T and perhaps also many of you. Do an search of "lipedema", then find an article written on it by Dr. Reid. Unfortunately, he says not much can be done except that weight management can be of some help. But I've somehow found it helpful to know that it's a medical syndrome and I plan to do a more thorough library search to see if I can learn more about it. I've found it somewhat comforting to know it's considered a medical condition. Makes me feel less ashamed. I too, never where shorts or skirts, exercise regularly with little result. I even tried lipo several years ago. Unfortunately, it seems the surgeon knew less about doing lipo on lower legs than he indicated, and it's apparently a surgery that requires special skill. My legs were slightly trimmed but mishapened at the ankles by the surgery. Sometimes I wonder if I should find the right surgeon now, but it was not an easy surgery the first time. I'm currently upping my workouts to see if I can make any inroads. But it's discouraging. I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the article on "lipedema."


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