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Running problems
Aug 25, 2002
Hey. Last year around winter time I tried out for the basketball team and I started spending tons of time in the gym. Well after a few weeks I started to get really bad shin splints so I missed out on that season =(. Well heres my problems. Now when I run, after about 1/3 a mile my calves start burning like hell and if I just tough it out and run a full mile, my shin mucles start to feel like their on fire. The pain is similar to shin splints and ill do anything to avoid getting that again. But I don't know why my legs still burn so bad. The only thing I can think of is... the last 2 years I have been really lazy and done nothing physical and just sat around all day. So from 12 yearsold to 14 yearsold I have put on about 20 lbs maybe, but I haven't been working out my leg muscles at all to support that weight while running.I donno if thats why I have trouble running now but it seems logical.

Anyhow, if anyone has had similar pain with running, or if anyone knows anything about recovering from shinsplints gone bad, please tell me.

Oh yea I forgot to say, when I was recovering.... I didn't give them enough time for like first 2 months.
Everytime my legs would feel better id go play b-ball and id mess em all up again. My legs should definately be recovered though, but I still get the pain....I need some ideas fellas! Thx

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