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I think we all agree in this case that you'll want to power lift. Hit heavy weight, once a week. But I also find when doing that, it's ok to hit them lighter other days, like with running.

On that note though as i'm slowly becoming a runner (my quads are taking forever to recover from the strength trainings and plyometrics), I'd like to ask Naxis: was that calf growth in your gastroc or both muscles?

As I've found, calf raises primarely target the gastrocs and are a great muscle to build up the size of your calves with, but there's more muscles down there and it's freaky (i know, i used to look like this) to have huge gastrocs with no soleus! My friend said it looked like I had cancer on the back of my leg lol I still have huge calves, but they look a LOT more sleek now because of the running on my toes i did. Took a hell week to do it, but going out and jogging with a bit of a bounce in your step by keeping light and on your toes forces your legs to carry all your weight when jogging and that downward resistances to momentum contraction really hits the soleus and that muscle itself really expanded the sides of my calves (so now the back and the sides were nicely large) but it's also easy to get shin splints with such growth and tight contractions so i stress stretching!!! And then do shin exercies which there's a thread here i'm sure there's plenty of suggestions in by now (or not!) but even walking on your heels for awhile makes the shin muscles work, also a variation on toe tappying works as well. And from all of these i've done, the front of my lower leg now has gotten more defined which gives my lower legs now a very proportioned look. Hit that soleus though, it's a bigger muscle than the gastrocs and adds a lot of bulk to your legs. Hmm, i've noticed though my gastrocs seem to have gotten a bit smaller though, i could/should probably do some more calf raises on them to get some size in there, my lower legs could use some more size to match my fat ***! :-P

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