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Hi. I'm a personal trainer and run my own online training site and I was reading your post and some of the others and I think some key points aren't being addressed. Here are some of my tips:

I know everyone equates cutting calories with losing weight, but it is equally important to make sure that you are eating enough. Based on your current height/weight you probably would need at least 2400 calories a day to maintain your current weight -- this is if you were leading a sedentary lifestyle. It's obvious that you are very active, which means to just maintain your current weight you probably would need to be consuming more like 3200 calories per day. Start with that number and work backwards. To lose 1 pound per week (which is a fine goal) you would need to reduce your calories (or burn more of them) by about 500 per day. Definitely try to eat more frequently too.

Also, cereal is not a great dinner meal. You need protein as part of virtually every meal. And believe it or not you also need a little fat at every meal.

I would say that you should cut back on your running so that your body has time to recooperate. Plus, I've found that people who don't give themselves at least one day off, totally get burned out and can even end up giving up. It's also a good idea to mix in other types of cardio besides running. Or, at least mix up the way you are running by varying speed, inclines, distance, etc. Make sure that you aren't weight training the same muscles 2 days in a row too. And be sure to train your legs too. I know, it all sounds too time-consuming. But you can get a great cardio and strength workout in 30 minutes.

Your focus should be on achieving a lower BMI or lowering your body fat percentage, not on lowering just your weight.

Hope this helps!

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