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Re: Questions
Oct 15, 2002
[b]1. Why do I sometimes have absolutely no energy when I run? I've been trying to...[/b]
Yes, you have no energy because you are not eating properly. This also goes somewhat to explaining your third point i.e. "why do I need to eat properly?" I would have though your own experience of not being to workout properly due to low energy levels would show you why you need to eat properly.

[b]Second, what's the big problem with running after eating? ...[/b]
If you run after you eat you will be sick. If you don't mind throwing up then by all means run after you eat.

[b]Third: Is all the preparation really necessary?

You're supposed to wait at least 2 hours after eating a big meal to exercise. [/b]
So you don't make your self sick

[b]You are supposed to eat a little snack about an hour before exercising.[/b]
To give yourself some energy to sustain your workout.

[b]You should take in carbs after exercising, but not for 30-60 minutes.[/b]
There are 2 opinions on this:
1)Your body uses fat reserves in this period after a cardio workout. If you eat too soon, your body won't release as much fat so you won't [b]lose[/b] as much fat.
2)Eating [b]within[/b] the 45 minutes after exercising is best as your body can absorb nutrient and glycogen faster.

I eat after 30mins so I'm covering my áss either way.

[b]You should eat in the morning and not late at night...[/b]
You use more calories during the day so it makes sense to get most of them at the time you're most active. You're less likely to burn the calories off later on and so run the risk of having those cals stored as fat there fore eating less later is only sensible.

[b]You should avoid anything that is any way unhealthy...[/b]
Yes. People can go over board with this. Obviously eating healthily most of the time is essential if you are working out (or even if you aren't), whether your goal is fat loss, general fitness improvement or muscle gain. In general whole grain etc is better to eat as thay have more nutritional value and less hidden calories and sugars. You don't have to eat healthily [b]all[/b] the time. Having a day off (without going mad obviously) is sometimes a good idea to treat yourself. With pizza, I read somwhere than one slice of pizza is the eqivalent of about 2-3 Big Macs, which seems about right consirering how much cheese is on it. How many people usually eat only one slice of pizza?

[b]you need protein before and after exercising[/b]
To stop your body breaking down your own muscle protein to repair itself instead.

[b]you should lift right before exercising because that minimizes muscle loss[/b]
Not sure what you mean here. Muscle gains and weight loss opose each other anyway. You can't make [b]large[/b] muscle gains while trying to lose fat as you don't have enough calories. You can make some gains though but don't expect youself to get very big.

[b]all of this seems to be a little excessive. construction workers are strong...[/b]
Most construction sites I've seen, there are about 5 people working at any one time while the other 20 people stand around and smoke cigarettes, drink coffee or eat :) (No offence to any construction workers here. Maybe this is a only British thing) so I think they get plenty of rest. Plus most of them are on the "big" side so somehow, I don't think any of them are on a low calorie diet. In general, the work they do on a construction site is not the same as the work you would do in a gym. They don't run continuously for an hour or force heavy reps out to induce hypertrophy etc etc. They generally get an all over moderate-low workout every day with little cardio work, which is fine.

[b]thanks to anyone who will waste their time answering my questions[/b]
No problem. Beats working anyway.

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