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I don't think it's quite fair to say that vegetarians "don't look well" to you--maybe these few people that you know aren't eating healthily. Perhaps they exist on cheese and bread, there are plenty of vegetarians who give healthy vegetarians a bad name by abusing processed foods and not eating veggies and grains.

Now, the Atkins diet is basically a high protein diet, which has a vegetarian alternative. Something called the Soy Zone is very similar (if not quite the same) to Atkins, in that you cut down your carbs to a very miniscule amount.

Its true that cutting your carbs can help you lose weight, I fully and honestly believe that. But what else does it do to your body? I don't think it's correct to neglect an element necessary to nutrition. Think about how nutty the grapefruit diet is, or juice fasting. We think they're silly b/c you're cutting out nutrients. Yes, there are nutrients found in meat, and powerful things that make you feel good like protein and iron and such. And yes you might think I'm biased b/c I'm vegetarian, but I posed that there IS vegetarian based alternative, so I'm not simply discounting this diet b/c it centers on animal consumption. But in reality, I think that it's more important to consider long term effects before jumping on the latest "lose weight" bandwagon. Health is much more important than what you weigh or look like. I know we should all practice what I just preached, and I know it's harder to do than it is to say it. But it's worth a try.

I just have a feeling that the Atkins diet and similar low carb diets are meant for obese people who need to shed pounds quickly or die, so that once they get to a somewhat smaller size they can start exercising and eating right again. This is not a fact based opinion, I haven't read it anywhere, and I'm not endorsing it for this reason, but it's my humble opinion.

Arkie6 makes a good point about that site being sponsored by PETA--they are an extreme radical group. The thing is that they do have some good points mixed in with their propaganda and shock tactics. You really should do research into the harmful effects of eating too much protein, too many animals contaminated with antibiotics, and eating foods that will only raise your cholesterol levels. The problem with these diets is that many people "cheat", not realizing that if one grain of carbs passes their lips then everything is thrown off and you end up just gaining weight, b/c all you're doing is adding massive amounts of saturated fat to your diet (with all the meat, cheese, and eggs, etc). Even people I know who say they follow this diet perfectly I still see eating a cookie or two, or having bites of cake. My roommate tried to do this diet, and would eat hot roast beef for breakfast out of a bowl--and it's just horribly disgusting. Who would want to get out of bed and eat that? Or one morning she had ground beef in a bowl, with sour cream and cheddar cheese smothered all over it--absolutely horrible! Then at night, coffee and donuts. She's an extreme case of how NOT TO DO THIS DIET. I would not reccommend this diet to anyone who isn't able to follow it, b/c of the horrlbe health effects and weight gain that will inevitably come from DOING IT WRONG.

So while I don't promote this diet, or any low carb high protein diet, if you're going to do it make sure you can commit to it b/c I think that doing it wrong is more detrimental than doing it right.

and that's my two knuts.

"Never give up, never surrender!"

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