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Lifting won't really help you lose flab. It will of course add some muscle that will increase your metabolism some, but it's diet and cardio that will help you to drop fat. You might consider a 3 day lifting regimen and 3 to 6 days cardio as well as a diet check. For lifting, try something like this:

Mon: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Tue: cardio
Wed: Legs (quads, hams, glutes, calves)
Thurs: cardio (low intensity if your legs are sore)
Fri: Back/Biceps/Abs
Sat/Sun: cardio or active rest.

This is pretty close to what my 3 day lift week looks like. You can do cardio on lifting days too, but I'd recommend doing cardio in the morning (maybe go running when you wake up, before eating breakfast) and lift in the afternoon/evening.

Try 3 exercises per muscle group, 3 to 5 sets each, 8 to 15 reps per set. You can pretty easily adjust this to whatever works best for you. Heavier weight, lower reps to build more muscle. Lower weight, higher reps for maintenance.

And again, check the diet. Avoid sodas, junk food, processed foods, fast food etc. And drink plenty of water (~ a gallon a day, if you can help it). Good luck.

Keep your body lean, your blood clean and your mind sharp. -Rollins

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