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[quote]Originally posted by muscle^madness:
[b]My goal is to be a bodybuilder im 17 5 foot 6 male and about 10 stone. Also i have trained for 3 months. Which of the two types of training is best that you guys find for gains eg.full body workout or split eg.monday -shoulders,back biseps -tue.chest tris etc.[/b]

So... you have already been training for 3 months? Is your current routine not working for you? What sort of routine are you going currently? The two sorts of training you mentioned (full body vs. split sessions) are generally for different phases of training. Some people like to do full body workouts their whole life, but I don't think I get enough fatigue for muscle growth that way anymore. But it's a good start for beginners.

[b] Oh yeah almost forgot what is best length of time to spend in the gym to hit my goals. [/b][/quote]

Amount of time in the gym is infinitely less important than the quality of the workout. So I guess the short answer is "however long it takes to get through your routine". Technically you can get a good workout in 30 minutes, if you lift very hard and smart. An hour is about average, 1.5 if you are doing more volume training. 2 hours starts getting into excess (unless you are doing cardio afterward. Then it varies.)

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