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For chest, you can do presses (flat, incline, decline) and flyes. For the back you have rows, pullups, pull downs, and pullovers. For abs, crunches, twists, bicycles, and leg lifts. Note that I'm just giving you several options for exercises to use, not that you should try to do them all in one workout. Make sure you don't neglect your legs. I know it's tempting to work on just the upper body because that's where you want to see muscle, but if you don't do any leg exercises, you're missing out on a lot of muscle growth potential. Your legs have a significant portion of your body's muscle mass, and when you work those muscles your body releases growth hormones which ultimately does help your upper body. Just something to think about.

[QUOTE]do I pick a weight that I can basically only press 10 times and then do that 4 times over with a short break in between?[/QUOTE]

You got it. The last rep of each set should be a struggle. If you can breeze through 12 reps, you're not working heavy enough to spur muscle growth. And allow 45 to 90 seconds between sets, but no more. If you rest too long you're not going to be really fatiguing the muscle, and that's the goal.

[QUOTE]I take it my running regime is good enough for the weight loss around my stomach (that is the ONLY place I am over weight apart from a slight bit on my chest)? Do you suggest sit ups or is the running etc good enough for now? [/QUOTE]

3.2 km isnt bad, but you need to be more focused on intensity and duration than just distance if you want to burn fat efficiently. For now, as you start to get your weight training in order, you may want to stick with what you have been doing, but if you bump up the intensity (sprints) *or* duration (about 30-40 minutes) you'll get the best results in the long run. Situps will strengthen your core, but only diet and cardio will strip off the fat. I think once you start building some good muscle mass and stay consistent with the cardio, you'll be pleased with how fast your body changes.

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