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The intent of this thread was to find out if anyone else has had problems with their tailbone while doing situps and how to get around it. I know plenty of ab routines. In fact, i'm probably the only guy on this site that gives ab routines when people post inquiries on them! :-P

Situps aren't that bad. I have nothing against crunches and have great abs because of them. What do you have against situps? Back problems? What back problems? Like I've said, they've strengthened my back in ways no other workout has. Why do people not perscribe doing situps? Because people who are too weak in the abs to do them correct end up pulling on their heads or trying to roll up using their backs. Situps, like any other workout, when done with proper form, have their benifits, and an ab workout SHOULD strengthen the lower back muscles as well. That is the point of an ab routine, to target the lower, upper, sides, and back of the midsection. I have a whole list of non-crunch routines that are supposed to help strengthen the lower back in an ab routine, but it's not intense enough for me. I workout, i workout hard. Situps are the only thing besides using a roman chair and holding 45 lbs to my chest, that actually make my lower back feel strong.

and before you go saying crunches are a much better workout for the abs. Try doing 500 situps and tell me you've done crunches that have made your abs burn like that! The abs are my area of enjoyment when it comes to working out, and those situps made me feel pain in a way I never knew possible (the post pain of a good workout being the enjoyment of course).

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