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[quote]Originally posted by Midgy:
[b]Hi everyone, I have some questions I'd like to ask. My husband and I have been weight lifting for about a year and a half. We do the routine with just one set to failure (about 8 to 12 reps), and about 10 to 12 different exercises. It works great and we've definitely increased in muscle mass. But, we are always sooooo sore!!! There is never a day that the worked muscles feel good. My calves still hurt from Sunday, and on Tuesday we worked the chest, arms, etc., and my pecs hurt beyond anything. I feel like a little old lady hobbling around. Is there any products or supplements that any of you use to help recover faster? Ones that you KNOW work? I'm such a skeptic. I just hate hurting with every move I make instead of feeling great.[/b]

First, consider changing that routine. I don't think I have ever heard of a 1 set of 10 reps to failure before. Maybe lift slightly lighter and do multiple sets. It will be a little less taxing on the muscle and since you are on a VERY low carb diet, you probably won't be building much more muscle anyway. To reduce soreness 1-2g (yes, that's GRAM not MILLIGRAM) of MSM helped me a lot. Massaging also helps. I have a friend that swears that bananas before a workout helps, but I don't like bananas, so I cannot verify this. =] One other thing to consider is that on a very low carb diet, your body is not repairing the damage to the muscles very efficiently. You might consider getting more carbs in right after the workout. It shouldn't have an effect on your blood sugar since after a workout, the muscles can absorb the most glucose. Just a thought.

[b]Another questions. Do any of you use creatine? My husband wanted to start using it, so I've been trying to find info on the internet. I've found that you are suppose to have an insulin-spike meal for it to work, but we are on a low carb diet. Does it HAVE to be with sugar to work? I also read it needs to be absorbed with hot water, true? And, I was reading that creatine helps a little so you can do an extra rep or two and that is what helps you get bigger, but what it does is it brings water into the muscle cells, so the first 2 weeks you can actually gain about 10 pounds from the muscle cells filling up with water, and when you stop using it, you lose that 10 pounds from the muscle cells losing the water. This makes it sound to me that it is just an "appearance" of being bigger from the water being in the cells. Any thoughts or info on this? And I read someone mentioning kidney/liver damage from this??[/b]

I don't use creatine, but I know it has been shown to help increase lifts, not just muscle size. I'm not familiar with the dosage or loading phases, but I know they have done no long term studies on it so far, so the effects on the body in the long run is still up to speculation.

[b]And my last question is about protein and meals. Like I said, we did gain some muscle mass, but even on a low carb diet we weren't losing weight anymore (and I still have 50 to go) or inches, or toning up. Our muscles were bigger and we could lift heavier things, but it seems like everyone else but us are able to lose weight and inches from lifting weights. Well, we were always eating the 3 meals a day with a snack or two. I had recently read the book Body 4 Life, which the before and after pictures- oh my god, talk about amazing.[/b]

When looking at those pictures please look for the fine print saying things like *Results not typical*. Is low carb diet on the menu for Body For Life?

[b]Anyways, he says that you NEED to eat 6 portions of protein a day to be able to nourish your muscles to grow. If you don't eat that many, then you need to drink some protein shakes. Do any of you have experience with whether eating more does help? I'm just not hungry to be able to eat that often, plus I really hate eggs, cheese, and meat (I really don't know how I manage to do Akins for this long with hating this food). And, there's hardly any protein drinks that are low carb that I like. Most are either disgusting or too expensive. I only eat one to two portions of protein a day; is protein really the key?

What *DO* you eat? It sounds like you are supplementing protein strictly with bars and shakes... I think it's time for you to consider another diet. Low carb does not work for everyone, particularly those that won't/can't eat eggs, meat or cheeses. However, protein *IS* very important, but you have your focus on the wrong numbers. It is not necessary to get 6 [b]portions[/b] of protein a day, but it is important to get at least .8g of protein per pound of body weight. Eating 6 small meals throughout the day is just a way to keep from being hungry so you don't binge, it keeps metabolism up and it distributes your intake more evenly throughout the day. Calories are what you need to be watching, not only carbs and protein. Protein shakes will help if you find it hard to get enough from your diet, but you really need to find some real-food sources that you will eat. How about tuna, soy, cottage cheese (or is that too cheesy?)...

Keep your body lean, your blood clean and your mind sharp. -Rollins

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