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Re: Butt size
Jan 25, 2003
You want a muscular butt then squats are the way to get it.

It's important to recoginize that eveyone has a different type of build and different parts of the body that look a certain way. Weight lifting can be used to enhance muscularity but it only goes so far. There are areas on my body where I need very little work because they are highly defined and big without much effort (my shoulders) while other parts need more work (my legs and chest) and will probably never be as muscular as I'd like them to be. I'd work hard and try to improve this area but realize you are how you are and lifting weights isn't going to make a really flat butt big and round. It will improve it but it's simply an aspect of your body that is what it is. Take Jennifer Lopez for example, as beautiful and fit as she is she's got a big butt and I'm sure she's worked hard to get a small nice round one but that's just the way she's built and her butt will always be a little bigger than average. The way I look at it is that God gave us the bodies he did. Our job is to make the most of what God gave us to work with. Our job isn't too look like this or that person in a magazine or whatever. So do squats and work your glutes and do the best you can with it and if you are doing all you can then accept your body for how it is.

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