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I don't know what you folks think toning is. The definition of tone is: "The normal state of elastic tension or partial contraction in resting muscles." No, lifting weights will not spot reduce fat but lifting weights at a high rep will get the muscles to be more dense and stimulating them to burn more fat thus increasing your potential and ability to burn fat. To say women can't bulk up is not true. Some women are bulky genetically to begin with. Certainly a woman lifting higher weights at a lower rep count is far less likely to bulk up as a man is but still more likely to bulk up then if she keeps with a higher rep count. 10 to 12 reps should be fine although I would recommend a woman do higher reps. Obviously if you're lifting 12 to 18 reps you are getting a certain amount of cardio type exercise out of the weight lifting as well. If you really want to maximize your potential for weight loss do both cardio and weightlifting and after 3 months make up your own mind on what works best for you. Certainly intense cardio will be extemely important to you achieving your goals. I've seen women that do tons and tons of cardio type stuff with no lifting and they turn from being fat into being skinny fat cause they have hardly no muscle mass. Maybe you have plenty of muscle underneath so you don't need any weight routine but if not you're likely to just get skinny fat if you stick with cardio alone. Who wants skinny legs if it's just fatty tissue flapping around in the wind? If your muscles are TONE then it will give you a tighter look and hold everything together much better. As for definition, I never mentioned that word. Too many people put tone and definition together as being synonamous and they are two different things.

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