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Hi, I was doing an inclined bench press with dumbbells with lots of weight and on my 10th and final rep a sudden pain went throughout my head. As soon as I set the weights down my headache is gone. The next time I worked out as soon as I finished my first set my headache was back again. I decided to take a week off from weightlifting. When I came back the headache reappeared again after only the first set but was not nearly as painful. I took it easy and soon I back to my normal gym routine. Recently, again I was lifting a lot on an inclinded bench press and the same sudden throbbing headache on my 10th and failing rep. Again when I put the wieghts down the headache was gone. I haven't taken much time off from the gym because I thought it would just go away on its own. I keep working out because some days aren't as painful as others and I never have the headache when I'm not weightlifting. It seems to slowly be getting less painful. Also, I sometimes take an advil an hour before I work out and that seems to work. I am now going to take a week off again from the gym and try to see how things are after that. Again, I NEVER have this headache unless I am weightlifting and I not usually prone to migranes. Anyone have any ideas about my situation? Thanks

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