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In addition to that your routine looks pretty weak to me. I mean one set on most things? I do 3 sets for every exercise I do, sometimes only 2 and sometimes up to 6 sets. You're only doing 3 or 4 exercises per routine? Not good enough either. You should be doing around 6 different exercises and 3 sets of each exercise. To build strength as I said do 1 to 3 reps to failure. If those are your routines you should be in and out of the gym in like 10 minutes but if you really want to build you should be in the gym lifting for an hour or an hour and a half. I usually go 60 to 90 minutes but then I've been at this a long time too. I'm an ectomorph too and I've bulked up nicely. Just eat often and eat a lot and up the intensity of your workout. I know a lot of girls who have a harder workout routine than that. Sorry if I'm being hard on you but that routine isn't going to get you anywhere. You might have gotten excellent initial gains from it but initial gains are easy.

Let me give you an example of my routine which I think gives a good mix of size with strength focusing more on size.

Chest and tris
3 sets incline dumbell presses
3 sets of flat dumbell presses
3 sets of decline dumbell presses
3 sets of skullcrushers
3 sets of tricep cable pulldowns with rope
3 sets of tricep cable pulldowns with bar
3 sets of dumbell flies
3 sets of close grip bench press

I do all of these to failure. Every set and sometimes I go with a lower rep range of 3 to 6 and sometimes higher with a rep range of 6 to 10. I try to alternate between those two ranges. That was my chest/tri day and then I do back/shoulders/bicep on another day and then legs on two seperate days. You wanna get bigger and stronger then you need to do a lot more than you are. I'm not saying this is the perfect routine or that it will work perfectly for you. What I'm getting at is you need to do a lot more if you want more gains in size and especially in strength.
That's a good question actually. Yeah, you would be more fatigued later in your routine most likely and lift less. This is why it's important to "mix things up". In other words do your exercises in different orders from week to week or at least do the exercise you are most concerned with first more often than not. I rarely do things in the exact same order but there are a few things I do tend to do first more so than others. For instance you're better off doing your larger muscles first or your compound movements which involve several muscle groups first. This doesn't always have to be the case but to give you an example you wouldn't first work your triceps to death and then start doing bench press cause you won't get as good of a workout on your pecs if you did that. Actually I do say 6 to 10 different exercises per routine but I actually have about 12 or 14 different exercises or variations of exercises I can do and I change them around every once in a while just to make things different and give my muscles a little bit different type of movement. Don't get caught up in the habit of always doing the same things in the same order. Mix things up on a weekly basis or do the same thing for 3 months and then switch to something different. However you do it change things up once in a while.

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