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Ok i'm not very happy this week. I've just weighed myself and i've only lost 3 and 1/4 lbs for the week. My gripe is that i've trained EXTREMELY hard from Monday thru to Friday and i'm on a low carb 1500Kcal a day diet AND i'm 6'3 and have 100lbs to lose. So with that combination how is it possible that i can only lose 3 1/4lbs for a week?
I've been dieting since Novemeber and have lost 70lbs via hard training and lots of concentration but lately my losses per week have been really poor ranging from 1/2lb-4lbs a week which for someone of my Height, Size and Weight is really bad. I was wondering what can i do to kick start the weight loss again?

Don't confuse me with a fad dieter or a 'quick fixer' because i'm not and i do realise that if you don't have so much to lose it is actually a GOOD thing to be losing between 1/2lb-4lbs a week BUT like i said i'm 100lbs away from my goal so i believe i'm intitled to somewhat better results.

I Run for 20 minutes every morning, train for 100minutes in early evening time with cross training that includes running, sit ups, weights (ankle and barbells) then i do another 20-30 minute run at night. Could any of this be a hinderance? or what could i do to help myself with the losses?

I've heard people mention that muscle weighs more then fat but my ponderance is how quickly do these muscles develop? i'm sure they aren't instantaneous so if anyone could enlighten me on this point also please do

Another issue i'm concerned with is this 'starvation mode' how long does it take the body to go into this mode i'm sure it's not some constantly changing thing surely the body must take a few days to realise that you are not supplying it with enough and thus the calorie retention starts?

I was a former martial artist who competed to national level and whilst i had an excellent physique then i didn't know much about nutrition and only 'ate right' when prepping for a bout but i always over indulged and those habits carried on even when i stopped training hence this mega gain i incoperate alot of my previous exercise into what i do now, obviously not for the same duration but i go at it as hard as i can for as long as i can is this a bad thing to be doing whilst trying to lose weight?

I'm aware that i should use lighter weights and do more reps to not gain weight and that's what i have been doing. AM i wrong in thinking this?

Basically this past 5 weeks has become increasingly frustrating because my fitness levels have improved quite alot and i am training alot more to counter act this so i always feel the 'burn' per session but since i've been training harder the losses have gotten worse and worse can anyone explain what is happening there?

I will greatly appreciate any replies to my long and jumbled post. I am, as i said, very frustrated right now and need advice that can help me improve those losses again so if any of you have been or are in the same boat as me pleaser reply.

ok that's enough babble from me.


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