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i was wondering if you had sore arms from your arm routine, if that the next time you go lifting and they are still sore if you avoid doing exercises like pull-ups and bench where it involves the arms, or if it makes a difference. also, if your arms are still sore the next time you go if you should lift legs or something.
as a general rule, never lift a muscle while it is still sore. it is totally counterproductive. when you lift weights, it causes the muscle fibers to tear, when they heal they grow back thicker and stronger. this is what causes your muscles to get bigger from lifting. but if you tear the muscles and lift again before they've had time to heal, you're not getting the benefit from the first time you lifted. lifting while you are sore pretty much just cancels out your previous workout (the one that left you sore). give your muscles time to heal before lifting them again.

so yes, if your arms are still sore the next time you hit they gym, do legs instead.

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