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Hello, Ok...correct me if I'm wrong...You're 36 and have a child; however, I don't know how long ago you've had the child. I have found that Cindy Crawford's video, which you could look around and find one you might like better, is really good because it's geared toward busy moms. I have the New Dimensions one, which is broken down into 3 sections. The first segement is for when you've just had your baby and are ready to get back into shape. The second segment is a 15 min. workout (don't be fooled, it is a good workout) for easing into the last segment or for those days you just can't find enough time to exercise. The last segement is a 45 min. killer. The main thing in looking for a video is to look for one that suits your needs, which would be working on the abs, olbiques, and thighs. Cindy does more than just crunches to get back into shape. As far as the protein, I read that we really only need 10%, which is what I try to keep with since my family has medical problems that too much protein can make me have more problems. I noticed that you mentioned, unless I misread your post, you eat last nights meat for lunch. Does that mean you eat 2 servings or 1 serving per day and is the meat round or loin, or poultry? (Chuck is too fatty.) PB has lots of fat, so you won't have to worry about not getting enough fat plus the fat in PB is the good stuff. There is some sat. fat in certain PBs, so you might want to read the label. The rice is ok, just make sure it's a single serving. You could add more fruit and vegies, because you need 2 different kinds of fiber and not just the fiber in cereal alone. You might want to vary the bagel thing, especially if it's a large bagel. You could have a bagel on one day and 2 slices of toast the next day and 1 low-fat or fat-free toaster waffle another day. What do you snack on? I didn't see any snacks, which means you have a lot of will power! How's this sound as an example for a non-vegetarian...Bkf-1 coffie/tea, bagel with PB, 1 cup berries...Lunch- water, last night's lean meat on 1 slice of bread with lettuce, 6 mini pretzels or 1 flavored rice cake, and 1 fruit...Super-1 cup rice, lean meat or meat substitute, green vegies, water flavored with a dash of fruit juice...Snack-carrot sticks or celery sticks with homemade fat-free dip and 1 serving of low-fat cheese or skim milk. (I make my dip by getting Breakstone's fat-free sour cream and mixing onion soup mix in it.) For a vegetarian menu, (not vegan) how about...Bkf-coffie/tea/fruit juice, bagel/low-fat or fat-free waffle/2 slices of toast with PB, 1 fruit....Lunch-Water/juice, nice big salad, 6 pretzels....Super-Water, 1 serving of rice with stir fried pepper and mushrooms mixed in it, 1 baked potato with salsa...Snack-1 rice cake or 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of low-fat cheese or skim milk. Oh, I forgot your cereal! The cereal can be used as a substitute for a breakfast or as a snack, but it has to be a single serving...probably 1 cup. Hope this helps. My mom used to loose weight eating rice, but we never over cooked it.


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