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[quote]I was thinking of doing legs/back day one, bi's/tri's day two, and chest/shoulders day three, and doing abs every other day. Which method do you think is best, just working out every other day, or splitting the muscle groups up, and do you think that would be a good split? [/quote]

I recommend making your routine for example like this: 1. biceps/back, 2. triceps/shoulders/chest, 3. legs/abs. This is because you need biceps when you work your back and triceps when you work your chest and shoulders. For abs, you can also work them just once per week if you do them with some weight or resistance.

However, if you're doing a split routine, you can do more and heavier excercises per body part per workout (this is the point of a split routine) you should work out a body part only once per week. So, you could do like this for example: mon bi/back, tu rest, we tri/sho/chest, thu rest, fri legs/abs, weekend rest.

[quote]I've been doing three sets of 10 of the following: dips, push-ups, pull-ups, curls, bench, shoulder press, flys, and hammer curls, as well as, for my abs, crunches and leg raises.[/quote]

You are lacking some basic excercises and neglecting some important body parts if you're doing only these excercises. I suggest adding at least these:

Squats (one of the best mass building lift there is!)
Deadlifts (regular and stiff legged)
Calf raises (seated or standing)
Lateral rows
and possibly back hyper extensions if you feel that deadlifts are not doing the work for your lower back.

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