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[b]32000 cals??[/b] I think that should have read 3200 cals.

I'd agree with land lord. You need to work more muscle groups. At the moment you're only working chest, tris, anterior delts, biceps and forearms. These might be the muscles [b]you[/b] can see in the mirror, but everyone else sees the rest of you and you can end up looking very out of proportion. If you want big muscles, you need to do big, compound lifts. These would be:

Dead lifts
Chin ups/Pull ups/Pull downs
Bench press (incline and flat)
Military press
Bent over rows
Upright rows
Stiff legged deadlifts

I'd invest in a decent bench, some weights and a chinning bar to start with if you cant join a gym.

You'll then need to devise a good workout routine for yourself. You 2 options are either a full body workout 3 times a week or using a split routine working different groups on different days. For a beginner, I'd recommend a full body routine to start, but if you want to go with a split, a good start point would be a push/pull/legs routine ie push exercises on say Monday, which would be chest, shoulders and triceps, pull exercises on wednesday, which would be back and biceps, and legs on friday. For bigger muscle groups (back, legs and chest) I'd reccomend 3-4 exercises, each consisting of 3 sets of 6-10 reps to failure. For smaller groups (the rest), 2-3 exercises is enough. Start off with less exercises (ie 3 for big groups, 2 for small) and see how it goes. Remember to keep changing your routine or your body will adapt to the exercises and stop growing. Changes don't need to be big. Simply changing days you workout on, or exercises you do is enough. Also make sure to train progressivly ie do something more in each workout than you did in the previous, whether thats 1 more rep or lifting 1 more lb, as long as its more than you did previously.

Good luck.

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