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i've just started doing a step aerobics program that includes tons of squats and lunges. i hold 2 8lb weights in my hand throughout most of my workout. during my cooldown, when i gently bend a knee or something, my quads, particularly the area above my knee starts, like, vibrating, and i can't really put too much weight on it becuase it's so weak. it doesn't hurt, it's like my muscle is waking up and jiggling all the fat around it! haha!

anyways, on to my question...since i haven't incorporated weights into my fitness program in lord knows how long (i usually hike or rollerblade), is this muscle wabble a good sign that i will eventually develop leg muscles? i so dearly want them so i can look strong and BE strong. OR is this a sign that i have overexerted the muscle way too much?

any help is appreciated,
thanks, lilabelle :)

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