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[QUOTE]I have not had over 1,100 cals in ANY day since I started this 6 weeks ago.[/QUOTE]

Okay, you are exercising 2.5 hours a day some days on that little calories is going to stall your loss. Here are some tips:

1. UP your calories, and not with junk. Up the fruit, veggies and protein from food sources, not the drinks. At least 5 servings.

2. Try cutting out the processed junk like the diet bars. If you up your protein from food you won't need the drinks.

3. Be sure to get good carbs and fat. Don't steer clear of them, they can be healthy. Carbs help your brain function. Don't avoid starches, add them to balance your meals. The key is balance.

4. It doesn't matter when you eat, it is the amount of calories consumed. So eating junk in the morning or evening makes no difference. Eating after 6 or eating after midnight is all the same. The only time it is an issue is if you have hit your calorie goal for the day and continue to eat into the night.

5. Plan out your meals, so you can balance your day, especially if you are working out that hard. Try snacks like an apple with peanut butter or a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. Work treats in if you need to.

6. DON'T skip meals, no matter how bad your last snack/treat/meal was. Just accept it an go on. Don't punish your body by denying it calories if you eat a mini chocolate bar.

These should totally help you get on your way. I would suggest an online place to track your calories and your exercise to make sure you are getting enough. And don't beat yourself up when the scale doesn't move. Our bodies are often not on the same schedule we are. They don't know that they are supposed to go down in weight every 7 days or whenever you weigh (I keep telling my body it needs to be lighter on Friday mornings than any other day, it doesn't work half the time though...hehe). It is a frustrating journey, but if you concentrate on being healthy it will help you in the long run.
Actually, ideally you should keep the morning cardio (when blood sugar is low so the body is forced to tap into fat) and skip it after your weight training. It will probably serve you better than almost 2 or 3 straight hours of exercise at night, which can easily lead to muscle loss.

Post back in a couple weeks and let us know how it's working. :)

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