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i had a knee injury myself last year in jan 2006 and after getting a MRI - they said i had inflammation, i tore something and had bursitis in my left knee .

it was so bad that i couldn't walk on some days. anyways, the dr just told me to ice it and take aleve and let it heal naturally.

well 2 months later, i hit the gym and start off easy but the pain comes back the next day. so after a few more attempts, i stopped going to the gym.

now a year later, i've been going back to the gym for about 2-3 weeks now and the pain is starting again. it seems that when i jog or exercise or walk, it's okay especially after my body warms up after 10-20 min - i feel like i can go on forever but the next day -i wake up and my knee gets really inflamed and hurts all day.

so basically i've been working out, letting my knee heal for a day or two, then working out, it's this vicious cycle.

i'm wondering if any of you know how to strengthen my knee. i mean olympiads have far more serious injuries than my simple knee injury and are able to go on to win gold medals...and here i am, a year later letting this knee dictate me to exercise or not - it's beyond frustrating -

a year later, it is still flaring up whenever i exercise - can anyone shed some light? i can bend it, i think it's actually the back of my knee that i tore because thats where it hurts. i stretch a lot and i do not walk or jog on incline (that was how i messed up my knee in the first place)

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