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Whether or not the time that you exercise "makes a difference" depends, I suppose, upon what your goal is. Actually... whether you're exercising to lose weight, to get fit, or both... my hunch is that the time that you exercise probably only makes a very slight difference when it comes to attaining your goals.

That having been said... it's probably best to exercise as early in the day as you can because the exercise gets your metabolism going. The sooner you rev that up, the more calories you can burn throughout the day. Furthermore, some people find that when they exercise too late in the day, it interferes with their sleep patterns.

Ultimately, though, I'd say just find a time that works for you. I exercise early some days and later on other days, depending upon my schedule. It's better to make your exercise times fit comfortably into your schedule than to try to do something that doesn't fit for you and then eventually wind up not exercising.

Good luck!


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