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Jul 11, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by sum one that needs help:
[b]When I'm at home and I'm doing sit ups they hurt my neck.And what can i do to get rid of the fat from the lower part of your abs.And if u have good abs and your chest is not ,would that look weird like a tight stomach and a fat chest lol??żż?? [/b][/quote]

If you're not used to doing situps, they'll hurt your neck to start with as you neck isn't used to holding your head up at the angle it has to when you're doing them. It should stop hurting when you're neck strengthens to adapt to it.

beast69 is right about not being able to spot reduce fat. Like he said, diet and cardio are the key, along with a [b]whole body[/b] resistance training program. The HIT method of training is very good at burning fat and sparing muscle, but if you're not used to doing it, it'll be very hard to start with. You might want to start with some lower intensity running just to get used to the action and get your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments ready for a HIT program. If you're already running, I'd definately go with the HIT training.

As for having good abs and no chest, yes, over developed abs with an under developed rest-of-body will look strange. It'll also create a muscular imbalance between your front and back which could cause problems. Make sure you're training [b]all[/b] your muscle groups i.e. chest, back (upper [b]and[/b] lower), legs (quads, hams and calves), arms (tris, bis and possibly forearms), shoulders (front, side and rear) and abs (front, side and transverse (inner)).

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