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dude i'm like your brother, Dont Worry about it.

I was pretty much bigger than everyone else in 6th to 7th grade, stopped growing around 7th. When i turned 16 i was 5'5 or 5'6 and weighed 100lbs. (looked like i was 13 or 14) I dont remember how much i weighed in 7th grade, i was pretty fit from racing bicycles though.

One of my friends said i looked anarexic (sp) when i was around 15. I never ate much i just always rode my bike for fun, and had too much fun to come in and eat. When i was 15 i could get drunk by drinking 2 beers it rocked.

I lifted some when i turned 16, i drove my friends to the gym and ended up quiting real quick because they were all stronger than me and i couldnt lift the stuff they were doing so it was pointless.

When i was 17 and a jr in high school i tryed to lift with all my friends but couldn't hang because i was so much weaker so i gave up after a week of being pissed off. I never thought about self appearance, i had no clue what was in style, i didn't give a **** about having a tan or not like everyone else, i guess thats why the ladies didn't dig me too much then. i dont remember how much i weighed but it wasn't much. I never really got picked on or anything because people liked me.

In the end of my jr. year i started doing some push ups, i remember the first day doing maybe 4 or something.10 was out of the question.

Going into my senior year i started doing sit ups and **** and got rid of some of my beer gut. I went to this huge bicycle camp and rode all day long for 5 days , i think i lost almost 10 lbs there. I was like 5'9 125 or 30lbs that summer but i kept working out and **** in my room.

anyways i worked out alot my senior year with one of my friends, then before we graduated our senior group had this flaot trip down a river. Everyone started to work out to get in shape and so alot of people that quit lifting started again and they were really impressed at how strong i was. By this time i was like 5'9 or 10 135lbs that was in 2002.

Now a year later im 5'11 with shoes and weigh 160lbs now. For the past 9 months i've been lifting alot. I'm not going to get huge, once i get to 165 i think i'll stop.

If your brothers a skater he probably wont want to get too big. I've seen some skaters that have little bity upper bodys and lower legs like a olympic track runner and they can jump high as mother f-kers, which is really good for a skater.

Just have him drink protien shakes and keep lifting and eventually he will start to grow. I bloomed late but its ok i dont care. i'm in better shape now than some of my friends because they just drink beer these days.

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