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You say you want to lose weight. If you lose weight, the fat will come off from your whole body. You will notice fat loss first where you gained it last. For most women the upper body (including breasts and face) loses fat first followed by legs, stomach and hips and butt are usually the most resistant to giving up the fat padding. Blame your genetics ( you are a female) and evolution (the fat gets stored in the hip area to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and eventual breasfeeding). So, as you start to lose your weight prepare for skinnier face and smaller breasts in the beginnig, followed by the rest of your body. What will NOT change is your basic figure shape. If you have a pear shape to start with, you will still have a pear shape after you lose the fat except the pear will be skinnier. If you have an hour-glass figure, you will still have it afterwards except with smaller "glasses". Your basic shape cannot ever be changed no matter how hard you work out or how much fat you lose. Bottom line is that yes, you will lose some of your curves (another word for fat deposits)if you lose some weight but unless you become anorexic and lose too much weight, you should still have some curves left. Look at the female members of your family (usually your mom's side) and see if they are mostly breast or butt/hip endowed. That is probably you lot in life too.

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