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I need some serious help. No matter what I try to do with my belly my back takes over. I can't do sit-ups, pilates, for pete sake i can't suck in my stomach using my stomach muscles my back does the work. I try making sure my lower back is on the ground, i try bringing my navel to my back but nothing works! Any advice/tips?

I eat quite well now and I don't eat that much. I maybe don't do TONS of walking but I do cardio for 30 mins 4-6 times a week. And crunches hurt my back. I wasn't asking about how to lose weight have a flat stomach(well i kinda was) i was asking what excercises would make my back hurt less and such. Now though I think that my back is just week. If i suck in i can feel my abs are QUITE firm and i can also move my ab muscles under my fingers. I have lost ten pounds since I started so I am hoping that slwly once the fat is removed from my stomach. I have only 16 more pounds to my goal weight(then i will go from there on whether it is a good weight or if i am too fat or too skiny)
Right now i do a pilates movie every night(or mostly every night, when i have time or am at home)
Thanks for trying to help but just like on a quiz be sure to read the question over carefully so u understand it and can answer it correctly.

SW:146 (January 03)
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I just wanted to put my 2 cents in here:

Being a 23 year old female that has just had my 2nd back surgery in less than 2 years, i know how important it is to be careful with your back from now on!

When you suck in your stomach you stabalize your back. It is very important to keep your tummy tucked in while walking and doing every exercise you do.

When i started my after surgery therapy, i learned just how important it is to keep your tummy tight. It strengthens your back, which is why your back muscles were hurting when you started pulling your tummy in. Trust me, when i first started doing this i had the same thing happen to me. I started out slowly, first i would just lie on my bed and practice pulling my tummy in and holding for 10,20,30 seconds and so on. Eventually i was able to hold it in while i do most everything. I have started pilates, and i am still finding it very difficult to start everything with my tummy muscles, but i am improving. Just remember to move slowly and keep trying, and please don't over do it!(now don't suck in so far that your back does something different. You want to keep your skeletel structure the same just pull your belly button in a little bit)

Good luck!!!


July 21: Saw Orthopedist. He said i have arthritis in knees and after some anti-inflamatories and quad strengthening exercises i should get back to normal again soon. :)

Knees are now bothering me. PT thinks my Patella is off track on both knees due to weakness. Will be seeing an Orthopedist in July.

March 18, 2003: Anterior Interbody fusion with BAK cages (L5-S1)

November 1, 2003: Discogram. DDD, and confirms L5-S1 pain. Disc is torn.

May 4, 2001: Microdistectomy and Laminectomy. (L5-S1)

April 2001: Cortizone injections, no pain relief.

Dec 25, 1999: Fell and hit lower back against couch frame.

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